This is a story of how three individuals are standing up for what they believe in; joining forces to create something truly exceptional.

Meet the pioneers of modern barbering, the founding collective of STMNT: Julius Arriola AKA Julius Cvesar, Sofie Pok AKA Staygold and Miguel Gutierrez AKA Nomad Barber.

STMNT is a unique brand that goes beyond the product, this is a brand with purpose. A collective that respects people that have bold, authentic statements to make. People that stand up for what they believe in. STMNT is brand of Schwarzkopf Professional.

STMNT reached out to us to create a unique collection that fits into their lifestyle. The products should look good, authentic and designed to be sharp.

Meet the unique, sustainable items created, designed and produced by D&D International to make a statement.


ON of the items we created is a multifunctional Barber mat for all the STMNT grooming goods. The Barber mat is especially designed to fit all the necessary grooming products. It should have the modern, bold and artistry look which is succeeded. You can find the Barber mat in STMNT Barbershops worldwide.

To the collection we also added the STMNT toiletry bag which is made from RPET. Our inspiration, our knowledge, our passion is put into this product. The result is a bold, black bag with perfect fitting for daily use. To create the perfect gift we added a FSC paper banderole to each item.

With the production of both items we secured our partnership with Forest Nation, a company committed to reforesting certain areas of our planet. We sponsored a project in Tanzania which helps the local population manage the forest we finance by creating jobs for the local population as well as having a clear reporting on the CO2 absorbed and the O2 emitted in the atmosphere.