Haddad Brands


Haddad Brands is a leader in branded children’s apparel and accessories. They are manufacturer and distributor of iconic global brands like Nike, Levi’s, Jordan and Converse.
They reached out to us to develop and produce a range of shop-in-shop materials, print and POS materials. We created a variety of different kind of gift packaging, premium give aways and store merchandise that supports popping the brand for shop-in-shop stores.


Levis, Nike, Jordan and Converse POS needed to be created by D&D International. Point of sale materials and displays are an effective way to accomplish the brand and proven successful when implemented in retail. It is an extension of the brand and can have a significant impact on how customers perceive the business.
We designed and developed for each brand a 3D logo sign which can be placed in store as a display. The 3D sign are a piece of fine craftsmanship. Complementary we developed a range of POS materials and a sustainable kraft bag collection. An iconic kraft paper bag is a must have. To complete the collection we produced the kraft giftwrapping envelopes as well.
Back-to-school season is a magical time for Levi’s because it gives them the rare opportunity to help the customer reinvent, redefine and express customers unique style. Every year we develop the GwP which is essential to the back to school campaign. We created the trendy Levi’s canvas shopper, back-to-school graffiti kit and the fun Levi’s patches.

All items are visible and available in European shop-in-shops stores.